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Technology innovation  lead to more complex product in current market. We embrace the challenge, passionately investing new design concept and special technique for product surface process with new inventing equipment.

Automatic equipment

● Reducing manpower: Parts can be delivered progressively through the robots

● More safety: Failure and error can be detected and alerted, so the production can be stopped timely

● Higher efficiency: By applying multiple robots onto the production for increasing line balance and work efficiency

● Precise taking: With robots operation, parts can be caught and delivered with precisely

Heat & Cool injection molding

● Injection technology through extreme cooling and heating process

● Injection by RHCM could prevent from fusion marks and flow marks.  Enhancing the fusion strength and releasing the stress

● Glossing the surface and enhancing the quality

● Lasting tool life and saving energies in the process of tool heating, and reducing the costs

● Gaining better performance in case of using glass fiber resin, and especially leading fine cosmetics to gloss and patterned surface

● Requiring no secondary process, so saving costs

Glossy Diamond Cutting

● Applying exclusive CNC machines, and the high gloss effects are presented through the high speed cutting

● The treatment can be applied to various of commodities with cosmetic requirement,e.g., bringing mirror effects or glossy metal effects to the logo on the frame

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