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EICC labor ethics goals, indicators and management plan

Control indexExpected to be completed in 2019Management measures
Achievement rate of cadre recruitment70%75%80%80%
1. Carry out multiple recruitment channels
2. Develop a recruitment plan in accordance with U needs
Basic manpower recruitment achievement rate95%85%70%85%
1. Reserve manpower for emergencies
2. Development of manpower requirements/recruitment/distribution system process, real-time control of manpower status
Rate of timely signing of labor contracts in the month after entering the factory100%100%100%100%

Signing of continuous employment contract:

1. All new (returned to the factory) cadres/member levels sign labor contracts in the month of entering the factory
2. All interns will sign after 6 months, and a 3-party agreement will be signed during the internship
3. Develop a labor contract signing checklist, and promptly follow up with the personnel who urged the omission to sign
4. Every year after the annual leave, additional manpower is sent to support the signing of labor contracts
Restricted number of employee resignations found0000
1. Establish an electronic resignation system
2. Resigned employees have the authority to fill in the resignation form at any time
3. Handle resignation procedures according to the procedures in the employee handbook and go through relevant procedures
4. Establish a “resign immediately” channel in the care center, and coordinate the resignation procedures in the care center for special cases of restricted resignation within the department
Number of originals of identity cards and academic certificates found to be seized0000
1. The "Recruitment Work Instructions" clearly stipulates that it is strictly forbidden to withhold any ID cards/passports, etc.Valid documents and deposit
2. Advocate during training
Found the number of deposits paid at the time of recruitment0000
1. The "Recruitment Work Instructions" clearly stipulates that it is strictly forbidden to withhold any ID cards/passports, etc. Valid documents and deposit
2. Advocate during induction training

Found coercive, prison, contract

Labor force

1. Perfect rules and regulations
2. Continue to promote the implementation of no forced labor, which is voluntary
3. Recruitment channel background investigation

Number of child labor found

1. Check your ID card when recruiting
2. Set an alarm that the electronic system cannot be keyined under the age of 16
3. Monthly manpower inventory
Conduct physical examinations for juvenile workers as required by laws and regulations100%100%100%100%

Continue to carry out pre-employment, regular annual and 18 years old before the previous physical examination

Half-year physical examination, increase: the medical examination items for juvenile workers stipulated by laws and regulations

Conduct physical examinations for juvenile workers as required by laws and regulations0000
1. Improve the identification of potential risk positions for juvenile workers
2. Prohibit juvenile workers from engaging in the above positions
3. Try to avoid using underage workers

Rate of underage workers working night or overtime

(Number of minors working night shift overtime/total number of minors)

1. Strengthen audits and prohibit underage workers from engaging in night shifts and overtime work
2. Try to avoid using underage workers
3. Transfer juvenile workers to non-transferable departments and non-overtime positions
Filing of juvenile workers in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations100%100%100%100%All employees of the company are filed in the local labor department and listed in each unit for protection
All employees of the company are filed in the local labor department and listed in each unit for protection0000
Attendance statistics correct rate100%100%100%100%

When the local labor inspection department allows employees to voluntarily,

Employees are only arranged to work overtime during special hours when production is tight

The average monthly overtime hours do not exceed 36H ratio100%100%100%100%
1. Maintain reliable attendance records and investigate abnormal attendance conditions
2. Each unit establishes an administrative center for full-time attendance statistics
The average working time per week does not exceed 60H ratio100%100%100%100%
1. Overtime work during peak production season should be reported to the local labor department, and sales must be approved by the customer
2. Developed overtime management methods,Written and verbally promote the overtime system of the factory to production units and employees
3. The production unit reasonably arranges overtime work, arranges employees to rest, and implements a multi-shift system to ensure that employees work every week,At least one day off
4. The overtime electronic system sets up overtime control alarm prompts to control overtime more effectively
5. Salary adjustment, improve employees' enthusiasm for work, and control overtime
6. Increase the intensity of audits, and require non-conforming units to make timely cause analysis and improvement countermeasures

Average daily overtime on normal working days does not exceed

3H ratio

Average rate of 7 days off 1 week100%100%100%100%
Number of morning and evening meetings beyond normal working hours00001. Intensify publicity\2. Check attendance records\3. Spot check on site
Adjust the minimum salary of the factory in time according to the requirements of Kunshan City100%100%100%100%
1. Collect laws and regulations and government documents in time, study relevant salary requirements,Immediately adjust the minimum salary and overtime pay for the legal ward
2. Ensure that overtime pay is calculated correctly, proofread and reissue incorrectly calculated overtime pay in time
3. Continuing and developing employee benefits
4. Free board and lodging
5. Year-end big draw
6. The company has commercial streets, very good post offices, Internet cafes and other welfare entertainment
The number of overtime pay calculation errors0000
Pay salary and provide pay slips on the 10th of each month100%100%100%100%
Pay social security monthly in time as required by Kunshan City100%100%100%100%Save the first month insurance certificate and apply to the local labor department to apply for the insurance approval document
Number of disciplinary deductions0000
1. The rules and regulations and employee handbook have been clearly stipulated
2. Various departments continue to promote the work of employees
3. Strengthen the management of restaurant and dormitory staff
Number of female employees working in potentially dangerous positions0000
1. Improve the identification of potential dangerous positions for female employees
2. Prohibit female employees from taking up positions
Corporal punishment, mental or physical oppression0000
1. Continuing and maintaining the rules and regulations related to humanization and continuing to promote in the meeting
2. Require department heads to strengthen publicity for employees in key departments
3. Carry out line leader training courses to improve the management ability and management attitude of grassroots supervisors
Number of occurrences of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sexual abuse0000
Sick leave and personal leave approval rate 100%100%100%100%100%Approve employees' reasonable application for sick leave and personal leave
Number of incidents of discrimination during recruitment0000
1. Re-review the recruitment/promotion/reward/training documents, and shall not include any discriminatory requirements
2. Require operators to prohibit discriminatory behaviors in recruiting/promoting/rewarding/training
3. Work standards for open recruitment/promotion/reward/training/performance appraisal in the employee handbook
Number of cases of discrimination during promotion/reward/training0000
Monthly club work is carried out as planned100%100%100%100%
1. Announce the established internal associations and recommend external associations at the same time,Actively encourage employees to join the company's various associations and external legal organizations
2. Election of employee representatives, perfect the union, and make it truly operational
3. Increase the promotion of trade unions during induction training and encourage employees to join trade unions
Employee union participation rate100%100%100%100%
Induction training achievement rate100%100%100%100%
1. Conduct induction and on-the-job training for employees as planned, and ask questions through classrooms,Examination papers investigate and understand the employees’ knowledge mastery, through questionnaires,Improve the teaching level of lecturers
2. Efforts to increase the achievement rate and increase U satisfaction
3. Actively carry out a number of project trainings such as outdoor development, caring activities, and educational qualifications.

Improve staff team spirit and self-ability, reduce work pressure

On-the-job training achievement rate100%100%100%100%
Project training100%100%100%100%
Employee complaint feedback rate100%100%100%100%
1. Establish an employee care center, and establish a care linkage organization from the central government to each U.

Reiterate the complaint communication channel, encourage employees to seek help from the Care Center when they encounter problems,The members of the care team accept staff complaints and problems reported 24 hours a day,And deal with it as soon as possible.

2. Annual satisfaction survey on corporate social responsibility
3. Make unified targeted improvements and announcements on similar issues

Any form of corruption, extortion

And misappropriation of public funds

1. The employee handbook/announcement/posting prohibits any form of corruption, extortion and misappropriation of public funds
2. Promote the complaint channels during employee induction training, if any uncorrupted behavior occurs,Appeal through the appeal channel
3. Integrity and integrity require to be added to the "Intellectual Property and Confidentiality Agreement",Relevant personnel must sign this agreement when recruiting
4. Strengthen the supervision and control of integrity and integrity

Any offering or acceptance of bribes or other forms

Number of occurrences of illegitimate gains


Related business activities, organizational structure,

Full disclosure of financial status and performance information

1. Publicize relevant business activities, organizational structure, and Financial status and performance information
2. Report monthly social security, provident fund, and individual tax payment status to government functional units
3. The factory will be audited annually by the financial status of the Taiwan Headquarters

Any incident of unfair competition in the factory

Number of exposures

1. The employee handbook establishes this clause
2. Sign a confidentiality agreement when the relevant personnel enter the job
3. The legal department strengthens supervision
The identity of the whistleblower has been leaked0000
1. Announce appeal channels and confidentiality mechanisms in the employee handbook
2. Update and improve the confidentiality agreement in a timely manner, check for deficiencies
100% customer conflict mineral investigation100%100%100%100%
1. According to the ECC survey template, conduct conflict mineral surveys on all suppliers,And build a database based on the results
2. Complete the conflict minerals initiated by the customer in time according to customer requirements
Social welfare activities10101010Actively participate in social welfare activities
Intellectual property survey rate of teacher-level cadres before taking up their posts80%80%80%80%Accept pre-employment intellectual property investigations at the time of entry to protect their legal rights and interests
Intellectual property agreement signing rate of teacher-level cadres80%80%80%80%Sign an intellectual property agreement at the time of entry
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