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Integrity management

The board of directors of the company is to perform the duty of care of good managers and supervise the company to prevent dishonest behaviors to ensure the implementation of the integrity management policy. 

Code of Integrity Management 

The company has established an effective internal control system, and regularly organizes education and training for employees every year. All new employees are required to sign the "Integrity and Integrity and Intellectual Property Confidentiality Agreement", and employees will be given rules and management systems on the first day they enter the company. , Corporate ethics and ethics training, clearly convey the rights and obligations of employees.

Suppliers or other partners are required to sign a "Vendor Commitment Letter" and strictly implement a high-standard anti-corruption policy, as a prerequisite for partners.

Establish a reporting mechanism 

The company has formulated the "Integrity Management Code" and "Integrity Management Operation Procedures and Behavior Guidelines" and established a whistleblowing system, and provided information on the whistleblower acceptance window, acceptance procedures and response methods on the company's official website.

In order to ensure the sustainable development of the company and encourage the reporting of any illegal behavior, the Code of Conduct for Corporate Social Responsibility is clearly regulated to ensure the confidentiality of identities and anonymous complaints, and to ensure the confidentiality of the identities of suppliers and employees who report to them.  

Integrity management implementation situation 

Implementation of Integrity Management: The company requires employees to sign various agreements such as "Employees' Active Declaration", "Employee Integrity Commitment" and "Integrity, Integrity and Intellectual Property Rights Agreement", and invites internal and external experts from the company to conduct education and training so that employees can be Always be alert to yourself and keep employees informed of the latest changes in relevant laws and regulations to prevent employees from breaking laws or making similar mistakes.

When a new director or manager takes office, the "Insiders Regulations Promotion Manual" shall be provided, which includes insider reporting obligations, the prohibition of insider trading, etc., and promotion emails related to the prevention of insider trading are sent to insiders on a quarterly basis.

In order to implement integrity management and ethical behavior, the company will organize education and training related to integrity management issues (including insider trading, integrity management, compliance with laws and regulations, accounting systems and internal control and other related courses) in 2023 for a total of 5,213 person-times and a total of 7,039 person-hours. 

The course related to insider trading, including "Preventive Campaign against Insider Trading in 2023", "Seminar on Legal Compliance for Insider Trading by Insiders", and "Legal Responsibilities and Practical Case Analysis of Insider Trading by Corporate Insiders," will have a total of 11 person-times and a total of 32 person-hours.

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