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Fulfillment of CSR

Evaluation Item Implementation Status Deviations from “the Corporate Social Responsibility Best-Practice Principles for TWSE/TPEx Listed Companies” and Reasons
Yes No Abstract Explanation
Does the Company establish a governance structure to promote sustainable development, established a dedicated (part-time) unit to promote sustainable development; and did the Board of Directors authorize senior management to handle it and report the supervisory status to the Board of Directors? At present, the Company has not set up relevant units to promote sustainable development,. Each department tries its best to fulfill corporate social responsibility according to its position and scope of work, and reports to higher management level at any time regarding important matters. The company will implement such policy in accordance with applicable laws in the future.
Does the company assess ESG risks associated with its operations based on the principle of materiality, and establish related risk management policies or strategies? The company has instituted the “Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles “for the pursuit of corporate social responsibility to the effect that factors like environmental protection social responsibility, and corporate governance are incorporated into the management policy and business activities of the Company while going for pursuing sustainable development and profits. The company will implement such policy in accordance with applicable laws in the future.
Environmental issues
Does the company establish proper environmental management systems based on the characteristics of their industries?Although the Company has not yet established an environmental management system, it fully complies with the ROHS regulations in the use of the main raw materials, and also bans the use of hazardous substances specified in the directives during production to reduce the environmental impact. No deviation
Does the company endeavor to utilize all resources more efficiently and use renewable materials which have low impact on the environment?To efficiently use various resources, the Company will install wastewater treatment equipment and discharge water recovery treatment system for wastewater treatment to reuse water resources and reduce the impact of environmental load. No deviation
Does the Company assess the potential risks and opportunities climate change brings to the Company, now and in the future, and take measures to respond to climate-related issues? Countries around the world should bear joint responsibility in heeding climate change and lessening greenhouse effects, and continue supporting the reduction of emissions to fulfill social responsibility. Electric power consumption is one of the main sources of greenhouse gases. To achieve carbon reduction, the Company’s main management policy is energy management, encouraging lower energy consumption to cut down emissions. Also, the decommissioning of older machines is expedited and robots are introduced to control energy consumption. Promote and explain the Company’s annual management policy during employee meetings, and discuss issues on related social responsibilities, along with explanations, regularly during monthly meetings. No deviation
Does the company take inventory of its greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, and total weight of waste in the last two years, and implement policies on energy efficiency and carbon dioxide reduction, greenhouse gas reduction, water reduction, or waste management? The Company promoted energy conservation and carbon reduction, and formulated measures such as turning off the lights when not in use, controlling AC temperatures, selecting energy-saving light sources and clean energy, and promoting concepts via slogans and posters.The company will implement such policy in accordance with applicable laws in the future.
Social issues
Does the company formulate appropriate management policies and procedures according to relevant regulations and the International Bill of Human Rights? The Company formulates work rules in accordance with relevant labor regulations, clearly regulates various labor conditions, protects the legitimate rights, and interests of employees, and establishes a complaints window and response team. Employees can reflect opinions at any time via e-mail or mailbox, and obtain fair and reasonable treatment. No deviation
Does the Company formulate and implement reasonable employee benefits measures (including compensation, leaves and other benefits), and appropriately reflect operational performance or achievement in employee compensation?The Company established clear and effective reward and punishment rules, the “Regulations Governing Employee Salary”, and the “Regulations Governing Performance Evaluation and Review,” to reflect operation effect and results in employee compensation.No deviation
Does the company provide a healthy and safe working environment and organize training on health and safety for its employees on a regular basis?The Company has obtained the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification and is in compliance with relevant regulations. The Company regularly implements safety and health education for employees to improve the safety and sanitation of their work environment.No deviation
Does the company setup a communication channel with employees on a regular basis, as well as reasonably inform employees of any significant changes in operations that may have an impact on them?The company regularly and timely hold communication meetings to inform employees of operational changes that may have a significant impact.No deviation
Does the company's products and services comply with relevant laws and international standards in relation to customer health and safety, customer privacy, and marketing and labeling of products and services, and are relevant consumer protection and grievance procedure policies implemented? The Company comply with relevant laws, regulations, and international standards with respect to customer health and safety, customer privacy, marketing and labeling of products and services, and develop relevant consumer interest’s protection policies and complaint procedures.No deviation
Does the Company formulate a supplier management policy that requires suppliers to follow relevant regulations on issues such as environmental protection, occupational safety and health, or labor rights, and its implementation situation? The Company and its subsidiaries and the supplier conduction business transactions with the suppliers in conformity to the procedures for the control of suppliers, and evaluation the suppliers through the annual supplier conference and supplier evaluation mechanisms.No deviation
Does the company reference internationally accepted reporting standards or guidelines, and prepare reports that disclose non-financial information of the company, such as Corporate Sustainability Report? Do the reports above obtain assurance from a third party verification unit?The company and subsidiaries have not yet mapped our any plan on corporate social responsibility and the plan of compiling Corporate Sustainability Report.The company will implement such policy in accordance with applicable laws in the future.
Describe the difference, if any, between actual practice and the corporate social responsibility principles, if the company has implemented such principles based on the Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles for TWSE/TPEx Listed Companies: The Board of Directors of the Company has passed the corporate social responsibility code of practice. The Company will fulfill corporate social responsibilities and implement according to the directions.
Other useful information for explaining the status of corporate social responsibility practices:
(1) The Company has participated in the establishment of charitable associations to provide regular financial assistance to vulnerable groups such as nursing homes and low-income households.
(2) Passed certification:

Item Certification Date Valid Period
ISO9001:2015 2021/11/29 2021/11/29-2024/11/29
IATF16949:2016 2021/9/9 2021/9/9-2024/9/8
IECQ 2020/9/23 2020/9/23-2023/9/23
ISO9001:2015 2020/7/31 2020/7/31-2023/7/30
IATF16949:2016 2020/4/14 2020/4/14-2023/4/13
ISO9001:2015 2015/12/9 2021/10/15-2024/12/8
ISO14001:2015 2013/12/26 2021/1/27-2022/10/22
ISO45001:2018 2013/12/26 2021/1/27-2022/12/26
ISO14001:2015 2009/4/3 2021/9/2-2024/9/13
ISO9001:2015 2009/3/12 2021/9/2-2024/9/13
ISO14001:2015 2004/10/1 2019/10/15-2022/9/30
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