Stakeholder Communication

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Stakeholder Communication

Stakeholderscommunication channelMain topiccontact channel

Regular and irregular meetings

Regular and irregular education and training

Irregular internal corporate announcements

Email, internal communication platform

Employee suggestion box

Questionnaire survey

Set up employee service center

Irregularly propose improvements

factory union

Operating condition

training and development

Salary and benefits

Labour Relations

Health Management and Care

Occupational Safety and Health

working conditions
Deputy Manager Wang


corporate website

Distributor Conference

customer satisfaction survey

customer audit

Dedicated corresponding window

Irregular phone calls

Environmental safety and hygiene

Customer commitment and service

Customer Privacy Guarantee

Product Life Cycle Assessment

Human and Labor Rights
Manager Liu




telephone / fax

Supplier Survey

Occasional interviews

Supplier's awareness of corporate social responsibility

Compliance with laws and regulations

Purchasing Environmental Protection and Safety Management

Supplier management

Supplier evaluation


Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

performance presentation

Seminar for domestic and overseas investment institutions

Spokesperson and Acting Spokesperson System

Investor Relations Unit

Corporate website, financial report

Company Financial Information

Operating condition

Corporate Governance
Manager Liu
other organizations

corporate website



telephone / fax

Unscheduled media interviews

press release

Dedicated corresponding window

Social Care and Public Welfare Activities

Inter-professional communication

Corporate Governance
Manager Liu

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