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"Electronic Parts" cuts into low-orbit satellites, Eson increases performance next year


[Times reporter Zhang Hanqi reported from Taipei] Eson-KY (5243) has a good news for the layout of new industries. Eson-KY Chairman Cai Jiaxiang confirmed that the company has successfully entered the potential supply chain of low-orbit satellites and is expected to start contributing to the business next year. New kinetic energy.

Eson-KY mechanical parts factory, in the past, most of its products were consumer products such as TV. Taking advantage of the company's advantage as one of the few manufacturers with large-scale stamping process capabilities in the western United States, it became a Tesla supplier in the early days of Tesla's establishment, although there is only one for cars. Major customers. In recent years, the performance of automotive products has been rapidly growing as Tesla has been conquering the world and securing the world’s largest electric vehicle factory. Cloud Netcom products have become the two new pillars of the company’s operations, and the company has continued to expand its product line. In the most popular low-orbit satellites, the company also sent good news and successfully entered the supply chain of potential customers.

According to the research report, the global output value of the space industry in 2040 will reach 1.04 trillion US dollars; with the improvement of development technology/rocket recovery capabilities, the related construction cost is only 6% of the past, and the popularization of related equipment will be completed at an accelerated pace; among them, ground equipment The output value of the company reaches 50%, including GNSS (satellite navigation system), gateways, satellite receivers, routers, etc.

Cai Jiaxiang said that the company's low-orbit satellite products are mainly applied to the mechanical components of ground equipment. They have entered the supply chain of potential customers and will have performance contributions next year. They are optimistic about future orders and cooperation. As for the contribution, it is still It depends on when the overall low-orbit satellite enters the burst period.

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