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Environmental information disclosure form of key pollutant discharge units in Suzhou


We have designed and produced special equipment, testing instruments and various precision punching products, plastic products, such as precision cavity stacks, injection molds, building pressure molds, mold standard parts, new villages, village components, new flat panel displays (LCD liquid crystal displays), digital village TVs (LCD TVs), servers, calibration and cutting materials, as well as various anti bag, buffer, anti-skid, insulation, protection, etc Hardware accessories; Design, develop and produce digital audio and video broadcasting system products, new energy-saving lighting products (LED), intelligent watches, toys, accessories, vehicle parts and supporting materials and equipment; Assembly and manufacturing of relevant accessories of tundong automobile charging system; Selling self-produced products; Non administrative licensing business information consulting services; Engage in the commercial wholesale, import and export business of similar products produced by the enterprise (not involving state-run trade management commodities, involving quota and license management commodities, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state). (among the above-mentioned business items, except those with pre license, restricted operation and prohibited operation as stipulated by laws and administrative regulations) (business activities can be carried out only after the approval of relevant departments for projects that must be approved according to law)

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