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"Optoelectronics" Eson card position low-orbit satellites, performance gains more wings


[Times-Taipei News] Eson-KY (5243), which has always liked to go ahead, took the lead in the automotive market in 2015 and became a mechanical parts factory for Tesla's royal vehicles. Following the use of vehicles, Eson-KY has also sensed the business opportunities of low-orbit satellites. Cai Jiaxiang, chairman of Eson-KY, said that low-orbit satellite products have successfully entered the supply chain of potential customers, and there should be performance contributions next year. However, the initial revenue contribution is not large, and the outbreak period may have to wait.

There is a whirlwind of electric vehicles around the world, but as early as when Tesla’s name was unknown, Eson-KY was the first to deploy. Vehicles have become another pillar of Eson-KY after the cloud and consumer products. Now it has found it again. Tomorrow’s star "low-orbiting satellite."

Eson-KY Chief Financial Officer Lin Youqing pointed out that according to research institutes, the output value of low-orbit satellites will reach US$1.04 trillion by 2040, of which more than 50% will come from ground equipment, focusing on launch services not within the company’s business scope, while satellite manufacturing It also involves certification, and it takes a long time to cut in, so I decided to start with ground equipment, optimistic about its explosiveness, which is expected to bring the next wave of growth to the company.

In order to plan for future growth, Eson-KY continues to expand production. The Mexican (Tijuana) factory expansion plan in 2020 has been completed and will be used to produce cloud-related products. As for the part of the factory expansion in 2021, It is expected to start production in 2023. For the Malaysian plant, the second plant in Malaysia, which is required for network cloud and consumer products, has been delayed due to the impact of the epidemic. The production time will be postponed to June next year. Another new plant in Vietnam, which also focuses on cloud and consumer products, has been Mass production was completed in the third quarter of this year.

As for the layout of vehicles, the new Mexico plant, which was newly established and built at a cost of 15 million U.S. dollars, is scheduled to start production from the fourth quarter of 2022 to the first quarter of 2023.

With new production lines in place one after another, Eson-KY is relatively optimistic about the future outlook. In the fourth quarter of this year, since the third quarter of previous years was at its peak, from the perspective of quarterly growth, revenue in the fourth quarter of this year should decline a bit, but the pattern of annual growth can still be maintained. As for the whole year and next year It will continue to trend upwards.

In terms of the performance of the three major product lines, automobiles and network clouds will continue to rise in the future. In response to the growth trend, Eson-KY has also made some amendments to its strategy. Among them, automobiles will move from single parts to assembly parts, including The inner door assembly, the rear door inner assembly, and the battery pack mechanism assembly are all the focus of future business. As for the network cloud part, it will expand its global layout and strive for customers who want to change the layout. (Source: Business Times-reporter Zheng Shufang/Taipei Report)

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